Monthly Archives: February 2005

Migraines – I hate them

I try to deny they are starting, as though that will make any difference. “No, no, I can’t see the beginning of the visual distortion, I’ll just close my eyes for a minute then everything will be ok.” Give it another 10 minutes and my world is ever so pretty, but not very clear. I know the only way of dealing with them is crawling into my far too light bedroom and burying my head but I am equally aware that some people at school think it’s just a headache and I am being a wuss. They are the ones that don’t get migraines.

I know the ones I get aren’t as bad as the ones some people get, so in that way I am at least relieved. I also know that it is much better because the pills I now take mean I get over them much more quickly. It still means I can’t work though.

New furniture

My house has gained various items, not, as you might first think, due to the fact that I have been extravagant, but because they are excess to Dave’s requirements. It was a case of working out what would fit in my house without overcrowding. I now have a dining table up the other end of my living room – great for jigsaw puzzles when I am not wanting to eat there. I also have a small sofa, which goes beautifully with my room. Upstairs is a bureau and a set of shelves.

No one got killed getting the bureau upstairs – but it was a close thing. A picture glass didn’t survive the process, but it could have been worse.

Please let me sit down for a few minutes

Too much time in the kitchen has driven me mad. I know I need to do the floor, and ultimately I suppose, clean the oven, but really, the floor is difficult because I can’t get at it all and the oven… I just can’t bear it right now.

In a few minutes I’m going to try and make the living room look as though more is done. There isn’t actually that much around to be packed but the place is so full it’s hard to tell.

Is it going to snow so much that tomorrows van hiring expedition including a drive around the M25 going to be impossible? The snow round here hasn’t been very impressive, there are bits, a few short flurries, but not enough to have a snowball fight as Nicko said he had. I’d love it to snow properly, but not while we are moving stuff around.

Excuse me while I remove my eye

but it’s driving me completely mad. I have conjunctivitis, but can’t get a prescription off my doctor as it is rather a distance away, so I popped in to the local pharmacy and got what you can get without prescription, hopefully it will work, in the mean time you don’t mind if I only have one eye do you?

Today has been packing, what fun! Loads still to do, but with a definite deadline. It’s good not to be just doing nothing in my week off.


INSET is a way of ensuring teachers don’t enjoy the days they have in school without children. The point of it seems to be to make sure that we are occupied in activities which either completely waste our time, or embarrass us fully. Both leave a teacher feeling resentful of being there, thinking about what they could be doing that is so much more useful.

Yesterday however I went on a course to another school and I actually enjoyed it! Shock, horror. I’m not convinced that it would work in reality but can see that the principle behind it is good.

The pressure

My singing group came to my house for the first time tonight. I was a little concerned as I don’t have enough seats for everyone. In fact in the end due to various factors there were only 7 of us.

I wonder what my neighbours made of it all. We looked at 3 new songs so it was a case of making progress rather than making a marvellous noise – though at times it probably sounded ok.

One more day before I get a week off, and as a bonus it is a child free day – hurrah!

I wonder if I will get a chance in the week to wiblog – I expect it will be rather hectic.

Joey vs Friends

Though, in fact how can I put them against each other? I have seen a couple of episodes of Joey and about 235 episodes of Friends, so it’s early days.

Friends was great, I was extremely sad when it ended. How can you compete with that?

Joey (Channel 5, Sundays 8pm) well, it’s definitely Joey, which is good, but it’s not the same. No Chandler, no Monica, Rachel, Pheobe, Ross.

There are very few programmes I must see each week, for a while at least this will be one of them.

Mothers Day from Amazon

I wonder if my mum would prefer a bungee jump or a tandem parachute jump? Perhaps the white water rafting. A CD called ‘I love mum’? no, she doesn’t have a CD player. A Paula Radcliffe footspa?

In fact, I suspect I’d better just think of something myself.


They were everywhere today. People deliver them to school for their working other half. While part of me can see that it makes sense – because afterall they are at work so not home to receive them – another part of me thinks they are just showing off.