Monthly Archives: January 2005

Countries I would like to visit

I’ll just stick with my top 10 for now…

1) Chile (just want to go)
2) New Zealand
3) Namibia
4) Italy (I just love what I have seen so far)
5) Botswana
6) Canada
7) Australia (I’ve only seen one tiny corner)
8) Iceland
9) Japan
10) Peru

This could change at any point and there are loads of places that should be in my top 10 if only 10 were a larger number.

South Africa

and more but I’ll stop now.

My changing world

The world I wrote about just yesterday has changed. It’s not a huge shock but it is different. Sure the same colour, the same make, the same basic model, but in fact it was great to drive, I think I’m going to like my new world.

My own world

While I am in my car I have freedom. Not just the freedom to travel where I wish (unless it is time to go to work), but also other freedoms. In my car I can talk about anything, at any volume, making as much or as little sense as I wish. I can laugh at Terry Wogan in the mornings (no small achievement first thing) I can argue with the radio presenters or people being interviewed. I can comment on the events which appear in the news bulletins. I can get totally frustrated with Steve Wright when he goes off on a tangent during the ‘Big Quiz’ “Just read the questions you idiot, stop showing off” (usually a lot ruder than that if I’m to be honest). I can marvel at my complete inability to concentrate on the travel bulletins even though I know they are coming, and actually I really need to know what is happening on the M25 at the moment – though Sally Traffic does tend to just lump the M25 into the ‘just don’t go there’ on a Friday afternoon, which isn’t very helpful when you have little choice about routes.

When I feel like it I can sing at top volume, in a variety of pitches, my ‘man voice’ being a frequent favourite and one that scares anyone else who hears it. Ave Maria gets a lot of lung time during longer journeys, I also scroll through a mental list of songs from church, and sometimes the singing group I attend. I also harmonise with the songs playing on the radio, sing alternate parts, filling in the instrumentals with words – appropriate or not, to the song.

I also listen to books or comedy on tape – much more sensible.

I sometimes wonder, when stopped in a huge traffic jam on the M25, whether the cars surrounding me can hear my constant flow of rubbish. If you are on the M25 on a Friday afternoon and worry about the mad woman in the car near you, fret not, I am just in my own world.

Some great answers

– discrimination is when someone makes an illegal copy of the Bible
– prejudice = if you’ve never had grapes before and you say you don’t like them
– stereotyping = expecting a superhero to be strong and brave

I don’t think anyone really knows if God designed the world or not as it hasn’t been properly announced.

I miss my cat

At the moment I have a cat lying on my rug who is very black with very pink tips. She’s cute but it’s not quite the same as having my real cat around to drop fur around and leave a general mess everywhere.

I have left her with my parents until after half term because then I won’t be dashing away at weekends and will be able to look after her properly. She hasn’t spent much time in this house so will no doubt resent me keeping her in when she does return. Still four weeks or so to go and in the mean time I just look at my pictures of her.

Time to move on

I have finally given notice that I won’t be running the music group at church. I am carrying on until May, by which stage it will be 5 years, which is enough for me I think. I had planned on leaving a year or so ago but at that time the other person who was running it with me left so I didn’t feel I could. Anyway, that is something to work towards – get everything into as much order as possible for the next person.

Car change

Same make, same colour but a handy device that means I won’t leave the passenger door unlocked for days on end, along with quick defrosting of windscreen in weather like we had today.

Practice Cancelled

I wasn’t at my church this morning but was due to lead a rehearsal tomorrow. I feel secretly pleased that in my absence they cancelled (literally no-one is around next Sunday). An evening unexpected evening off – hurrah!

Now all I need is really heavy snow so I don’t have to go to work in the morning.

Non nobis domine

non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam, sed nomine tuo da gloriam etc

Well, it’s going through my head, perhaps I can make it go through yours? I do find it strange that having sung a variety of songs this evening, it is one in the middle of the proceedings which is still with me. It didn’t particularly stand out at the time but until I go to sleep I will be singing it.

Also practised tonight-

Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire (I haven’t sung it before but had heard it enough to find it ok)
For the beauty of the earth – John Rutter (again new to me, trickier)
God be in my head – John Rutter (sung before but rusty)
If ye love me – Thomas Tallis (new to me, easy in parts)

I can’t believe we only did 5 – it felt like more.

In fact now I look at the list it’s obvious why I remember ‘Non nobis’ I am far more familiar with it than I am with any of the others.

Excellent badminton

Not that I was excellent (though I did have my moments!) it’s very satisfying coming away feeling that we all played really hard. One of the players is very viscious, perhaps she sees it as therapy.

I must go to the gym tomorrow, I have been quite good with my resolution to get my money’s worth out of them but yesterday I came home and went to bed for a nap. Not ideal.