Monthly Archives: December 2004

Happy Christmas…

and at the rate I’m blogging Happy New Year and Happy February.

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been rather lazy – actually it’s rather good to take such a break from the internet – no offence!

Before Christmas I wasn’t blogging too much because I became addicted to another computery thing – I became rather efficient at running a Hospital – Theme Hospital. Mind you I can see now how easily the NHS runs into trouble, one lazy cleaner and there is vomit everywhere – that can’t be good for the health of the patients!

I have a dilemma – I only have one Psychiatrist, he is able to train other doctors to become a psychiatrist but this takes time and all the time he is training there are patients waiting to be seen. Should I ignore them in order to provide an improved service later, or should I wear one psychiatrist down by using him constantly?

The results

Kitchen scales – Brother
Pen – Mum
Sweatshirt – Dad
Atlas – Friend
Biscuits – Cleaner

Kat came closest with three correct answers – it would appear people don’t like to think of me giving my brother kitchen scales (he did ask for them). Also I would just like to make it clear that I don’t have my own cleaner (unfortunately) but it is the one that does the department at school.

Open all hours

A Tesco’s supermarket that I frequent less frequently than the one I frequent frequently has a sign up advertising that they are open longer hours up to Christmas. This worries me slightly because they are already open 24 hours a day. Are they going to be open 25 hours a day? Or perhaps they just didn’t bother to read the sign each store gets sent regardless of their opening hours.

Present buying

Don’t worry, I have started but there are always a couple of members of my family that I find the whole present purchasing job rather challenging. I do tend to ask my mum if dad or my brothers have mentioned anything that they would particularly like for Christmas. When mum broached the subject with dad the response she got was

“I don’t know why everyone is always worrying about what to get me for Christmas, all I want is some manure.”

Right, great, looking forward to wrapping that up later.

Christmas Holidays

I love them – well holidays in general to be honest. The last couple of weeks have felt incredibly difficult but once I got past my really horrible class yesterday it finally felt like I could start to relax.

Ooh, we have decorations – amazingly tacky 80’s style bedecking the ceiling. You’d all be jealous.


I know I am doing it, I am being so grumpy with the classes that I do feel guilty. The thing is that I am just too exhausted to do anything else. If I don’t give them any slack and do Christmassy fun stuff (which we’re not actually allowed to do anyway) then they work much more quietly – they also learn something!

Perhaps I will try to lighten up tomorrow, or maybe Friday, we’ll see.

I have to say I don’t feel at all Christmassy, I’m aware it’s there but I don’t have the energy to do anything about it.

Rewarding different behaviours

As a teacher (and probably a parent – but I don’t really know about that) it is important not to reward incorrect behaviour. For some children they see attention as a reward, I am much more simple and I see rewards as presents. I have also learned that I seem to get presents very soon after moaning lots at my form.

Plan = moan at children more and hope for more presents.