Monthly Archives: November 2004

Parent-teacher chat

I wanted to get a general idea of how Freddie was doing in all subjects before I spoke to his parents, the word ‘arse’ featured a lot, along with ‘backside’ and ‘a kick up the’. One teacher suggested I ask his parents get him tested for ADHD, another offered to hold young Freddie out of the window by the ankles.

I will ponder all these points and work out how to say it to his parents.

Ow ow ow ow owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

And I didn’t swear! I was packing away after church while chatting to someone. Unfortunately my attention wasn’t on the putting down of a microphone stand so when the top metal bit crashed down onto the bottom metal bit my finger was in the way. The result was a chunk of finger removed from me and donated to the microphone stand. If only had been my left hand, or not my first finger it wouldn’t be so awkward.


Yesterday I spent a great half hour looking at various Atlases in Borders. I want to give a friend one for Christmas as she mentioned she doesn’t have one. I don’t want to spend a fortune but still want to give one of a reasonable quality. I was given a marvellous Atlas for my birthday – it is by New Internationalist and is all in Peters Projection – which is definitely a good thing, the information provided in addition is also excellent.

I decided I quite liked the Philip’s Atlases, and as the friend in question likes to travel I am going to go for the Traveller’s World Atlas, which includes information that hopefully she will find interesting.

(I am aware that some people will find this post extremely boring, however be glad you didn’t get my original post which was enough to push several people over the edge)

An update

My cat was much better once she got home from the vet. I spent time coaxing her to take her antibiotics, which she did. Tonight she has gone back to my parents because that way she will get attention more regularly as work insist I attend for some bizarre reason. I am sad that she isn’t here but think it is better for her.

My poor little cat

Is now at the vets – it would appear that she has an abscess on her face – it swelled up drastically during the evening and would account for the general feeling today that she isn’t well. She has had an antibiotic shot and some pain killers while the vet doesn’t do anything drastic until she has spoken to the vet that operated on her (where my parents live). Poor thing, if we’d known this was going to happen we’d have left her at my parents so she could see the vet that knows her well.

My little cat

Is back! She is too thin but mum has been working hard on feeding her up, I just need to continue the work now. She is currently asleep in one of her favourite spots – in the office by the radiator.

Tesco self service

It was a truly marvellous experience. Unfortunately my local Tesco hasn’t set such a splendid thing up yet. While looking dubiously at the tills that had ‘self-service’ above them wondering if one had to register, a woman* asked if anyone wanted to have a go with them.

It’s great. Scan the items, putting them in the bags as you go, swipe a couple of cards and leave.

*She wasn’t just a randomer, she seemed to be in the employ of Tesco.

Religious Questions

In my lessons we often question those deep issues…

If there is a God why is there suffering in the world?
Why are we here?
Do angles exist?

During discussion I give possible answers such as –

people have free will and choose to cause suffering,
to help others,
there are obtuse angles, right angles, acute angles.

Ne na

I am proud to say that I am number 8 in Google for “ne na”.

Thank you to everyone who has commented about my cat and about house group. I really appreciate it.

House group

People have been mentioning their housegroups around here recently and I thought I’d follow suit. I belong to a house group but I rarely attend, I feel very guilty for not attending because one of the leaders is a really sweet man with a good heart. However I have reasons for not going which probably aren’t very worthy. The other house group leader can’t cope with anyone disagreeing with what she believes, which doesn’t lead to good discussions (understatement). In the past when someone has offered a suggestion for what a Bible passage means that doesn’t fit with the evangelical view we have had tears and Bible stroking.

When I do attend I do one of three things

1) Say the answer that we are meant to say (it’s usually pretty obvious)
2) Keep quiet – at this stage so do most people, this is when the leader then says the answer you’re supposed to say
3) Say what I really want to say which may cause tears and Bible stroking (though that wasn’t me above)

Ultimately there are better ways of spending my Tuesday evenings, many, many better ways.