Monthly Archives: October 2004

10 Things on David’s window sill

1 Llama lying down
2 Coffee mug (empty)
3 TEA coaster (in the shape of the word rather than only for tea)
4 Bottle for holy water (empty)
5 Candle wax powered boat
6 Conker
7 Tiny shopping trolley
8 5 VW vans of varying sizes
9 Wooden cross
10 An orange cat (faded – now meeting the bears who aren’t on the window sill)
10b Giant glass peg (replacement number 10 for cat who moved)


It’s not that I’m bitter but the previous occupants of the flat above David’s spent a scary amount of time doing DIY, lots of banging, scraping scratching and swearing. Finally they moved out about a month ago and peace seemed bound to descend. This morning my lie-in was brought to an abrupt end when I was woken up by DIY. More banging, scraping and scratching – but no swearing. What on earth could there be left to do to the place? Seriously, there isn’t an inch that wasn’t DIYed the first time around. What could they be doing? And during my half term?



Thank you to those who offered advice for what to see and do in Brussels. We have returned from our trip and really enjoyed it. The weather was basically really, really good – hardly any rain, lots of sunshine and reasonably warm, especially the first couple of days.

Things I want to pass on about Brussels

1. Grand Place – amazing buildings and full of character, the only drawback being us annoying tourist types getting everywhere

2. The cartoons painted on buildings around the city – we didn’t see all of them as they are very scattered but the ones we did see were great.

3. Beer – there is lots of it and so can provide lots of entertainment, my caution is that I ended up drinking a beer that was 11% strength because I didn’t realise you could get them so strong! Oh and you might end up looking a bit stupid if you order kwak.

4. Atomium – the 9 silver balls thing that Brussels built as an identifying symbol in 1958 – it is currently closed as they are working on it – it won’t reopen until January 2006 but you can still go and look at it and wander round the er… industrial park!

5. Food – if you like a hassle free eating experience, or choosing of restaurant avoid the streets around Galeries St Hubert – if you do choose to eat there be determind, don’t allow the forceful people outside hassle you.

6. Taverne du Passage – don’t go there, not a nice way to be treated on my birthday thank you very much.

7. Shopping – chocolate obviously – lots of it, at various prices, a great little book/gift shop along the Galeries Saint-Hubert. Comic related shops, if that is your sort of thing. Beer again – everywhere.

8. Comic Strip Museum – good, though I did find it frustrating because I am so poor at French.

9. View over the city from the Palais du Justice (not a stunning view like from the Sacre Coeur in Paris but good to see)

10. Mannequin Pis – not a very impressive little boy weeing – I had been warned but what amazed me was the amount of people who seemed to love it so much. Oh and if you want a corkscrew…

I am male

It’s amazing what you can learn from the internet, I had spent nearly 31 years assuming I was female but gender genie tells me otherwise. I am comforted by the fact that I put another random wiblogger in and they too were male (they claim to be female!).

So there we go, I am a man.

I get an education daily

Words I sort of understand


Used in a couple of sentences “he’s bear fit” “I’ve done bear loads”


“mish” “gahhhh mish” (these usually are in response to asking a child do something extremely unreasonable such as underlining a title, getting a pen out, or heaven forbid ask them to actually do some work.

What I need to do is check whether my interpretation of the words is correct.

Water, water everywhere

Better call an emergency plumber then. Not the sort of thing you want to wake up to on a Monday morning. A woman at work wondered if I was using a euphemism when I phoned to say I would be late.

Anyway it is all fixed now and my bathroom is looking quite good, not finished, but we can’t hope for perfection all the time can we?

The joy of teaching

“Miss, Miss, Chloe is throwing up”

“Oh no, now I’m feeling sick Miss”

“Just don’t look, here Chloe, have a bin. George could you go to sick bay, Freda, could you tell the caretaker please”

“OK Chloe, lets get you some fresh air outside, oh yes, I’ll take the bin”

Shoved some paper over the ‘incident’ moved the nearest and popped out to check on Chloe until the lady came.

Caretaker didn’t turn up – nice.

Jigsaw Mania

It has started again, the simple act of putting some stuff away left me sitting on the floor sorting the edges from the middles. Having done the edge I left it on the floor, the cat then decided tto go and sit in the middle and leave some fur around. She has goals I’m sure – much like mine in many ways.