Daily Archives: September 22, 2004

Blue Peter

I had forgotten how great it is until last week when I happened to turn it on. They were at a cat sanctuary which was moving to a new building. I loved their report and it really suited me because they showed lots of cats and kittens. The highlight was the new Blue Peter kitten they introduced – he was gorgeous, there was lots of appropriate chatter and many, many close ups. Tonight I turned the TV on again having got back from a most exciting staff meeting to find the aforementioned kitten and highlights of his first day as a Blue Peter kitten – he was great, he pawed a blue peter badge around, he curled up and slept when he was tired, he purred and meowed at the right times.

The burning question is, what should he be named? I’m not convinced by the suggestion that it should be Merlin 2 named after another cat called Merlin*, who happens to belong to a viewer. I was also relieved to find that the kitten wasn’t the perfect likeness of the drawing a 4 year old had done – just because otherwise he would be rather ill and his legs really wouldn’t work.

Watch Blue Peter, it’s great! Though if you get annoyed by it you really don’t have to.

*name probably not Merlin but I can’t remember the actual name.