Monthly Archives: August 2004

In depth report on Greenbelt

Loved –
Wibsite Birthday Party
Rev Gerald
The Handsome Family
Jeffrey John – first seminar as I couldn’t go to the second one – I really didn’t expect to like it but thought what he said was excellent.
Catching up with people I hadn’t seen for ages

Liked –
Taize worship
Shower (but I definitely didn’t get my 15 mins)
Bacon and Egg Roll after shower
Bloggers gathering in the bar (but I felt like a fake as they were all far better than I am at blogging on serious stuff)
Dozing in Seminars (not cos they were boring, just cos I needed to)

Hated –
Toilets on Campsite
Being too tired on Saturday night to do anything but go back and sleep
Cold – freezing in fact last night.

This is in depth isn’t it?

I missed the end of the Olympics

Having been such a dedicated watcher for the majority of the Games it came hard when I was taken away from them so suddenly. However, I was pleased to learn that Kelly Holmes won her 2nd Gold and the mens 4 x 100m relay won – can’t quite believe it though!

My torch smells

What should I do?

I am about to go to a gathering where people could point and stare and say “look, there’s that person with the smelly torch” I am torn. I could abandon my torch that works perfectly well (97p – Tesco’s) in favour of a torch without aroma but that seems wrong – apart from the fact that I will be mocked and scorned for the smelliness.

Anyone worked out how to make rubber not smell?


Rather distracted by the Olympics at the moment. It is entirely addictive and the only reason I can persuade myself to go to the gym is because they have lots of TVs around the place. Anyway, here is something to feed my addiction.

Expert Maddie will return, in the meantime we have Holiday Maddie

Holiday Maddie says, relax, if you can get out, go, if you can’t, find something else to do. You could read a book, do a jigsaw, look at a really good map, or (available for a short time) watch the olympics.

I am back! We’ve been in the Lake District for a couple of weeks, some camping, some cabining and then some more camping. We did rather well infact, the rainiest time was when we were in the cabin, which was rather convenient. We managed to go canoeing, rowing, walking and cycling in our time, there was also plenty of eating and drinking.

How to keep your clothes in order

Expert Maddie writes, it’s really very simple, get all the clothes you have got, get a large empty area such as the bed or a floor – a clean one is best – then go through clothes and start piling them according to type. My advice would be…

-underwear, with sub-categories dependant on particular needs
-socks, if they don’t count as underwear
-tops, divided into
*smart tops
*very summery tops
*quite summery tops
-skirts, unless you don’t wear skirts of course
-dresses, unless you don’t wear dresses of course
-trousers/ shorts
-things that aren’t clothes at all but seem to have ended up with them

At this stage you should have lots of areas of clothes according to type. The next stage depends entirely on your own idiosyncrasies. You could then sort each pile by colour, or perhaps put similar ones together. You could leave them where they are so that when you are really tired and want to sleep you just throw everything on the floor (if this happens go back to the top of this post and start again). You could put everything away neatly.

Good luck, from Expert Maddie