Monthly Archives: July 2004

Expert Maddie

I think I may try to make myself and expert on various things. I have had a lot of hits on ‘how to destroy ants’ as people clearly search in desperation.

Right, what else can I become an expert on? I suspect people want to know… ‘How to keep your clothes in order’ and ‘What to do with dead flowers’ and ‘Should I open the curtains fully’.

As I discover the answers to these, and possibly other such things, I will pass on my wisdom. Stay tuned.

It doesn’t count

If you’re having a lie-in and then wake up at 9am, get up, do stuff and then go back to bed to read, it doesn’t count as a lie-in. Which means I can try again tomorrow.

I am trying to force myself to go to the gym this afternoon. I know I should go, I need to get fit, not to mention at least getting something for my money. I must go, I just feel so dopey…

It is finished

The term is over, I am free until 1 September, which is too soon. Yes, yes, all you non teaching folk, I know it is a long holiday, but hey, if you want to teach do it. Don’t just say that we get too much time off. I bet if you taught the only thing that would keep you going through the rubbish would be the holidays.

Oops, too defensive, sorry, it’s a conversation I have had too many times.

I don’t know where this came from really, but here we go

Having just watched a programme on paternity I mulled over again the strange thing that has always struck me.

People I have met who are unsure of who their parents are – or in this case who their father is, often have a real desire, almost a desperation to know where they come from. Who their ‘real’ parents are.

I ponder this because I am adopted. As far as I am concerned I know who my parents are, they are the people who cared for me, loved me, put up with me, supported me, on a daily basis. The ones who, when they go out can’t help but look for a bath panel because I need one, who give up their time, give me unconditional love. This is something I have always been confident of, when I was a teenager and people said things like “but don’t you want to find your real parents?” I would point out that I know my real parents.

It’s true I had some mild curiousity related to things genetic, such as who I look like, or if I shared any personality traits with them. I never felt this mild wondering was enough to start searching. I just didn’t need to know enough, to put myself through the emotional strain of finding out. Perhaps one day I will want to know, in the mean time I am grateful that the woman who gave birth to me, actually did so. It often strikes me, when I teach about abortion, that it was actually legal then and had been for a few years. That could have been me.

Housewarming, garden wetting

Not the ideal thing to be standing with an umbrella tending a barbeque in the rain, but my hero
Dave did it for my housewarming last night. It really, really rained for a while, then it stopped again and all was well. It was very good fun overall though in retrospect, perhaps building shelving units before people arrived wasn’t the smartest use of time.

Right, time for tea… sausages I think.

I just called to say…

“Hi, I was just phoning to see whether…”

It was at this point that I realised I was in fact standing at the reception desk in the doctors surgery.

We all agreed I probably wasn’t phoning them, also that I was probably over tired.

Tags and BBQ’s

That is basically what I bought today – oh except only one of each but the title seems strange in the singular.

A tag for my cat – phone number on it, hoping that if she wanders too far someone would take pity on her and me and call me. Once I had put it on I became brave enough to let her out for the second time (the first time I had to go and get her when she came across another cat and couldn’t get back). I waited nervously and was rather relieved when she returned 25 mins later. I hope she went to the toilet while she was out.

Oh, I am having a housewarming BBQ* on Saturday so I thought I’d better buy the sort of thing that makes it possible.

* yes, yes I know


How is it possible to end up with one actual class that you teach out of 5? That isn’t to say that I don’t teach the other lessons – just that I end up with lessons in Science, French and other things I don’t really have a clue about.

Also there came news from on high of a fund we could apply to for extra resources. Needless to say I have been frantically working out items that we couldn’t afford but would really benefit from having. I have been successful in the first phase, lets also hope that the second order works too.