Monthly Archives: June 2004


WARNING- don’t expect to make sense of the following…

*that boiling water and salt really works on weeds – lots of dead weeds on my driveway now.

*people have been searching for – intercessions for tomorrow – biggest rabbit. If they had been searching at the same time that really would have been something.

*I have two days to go before I move, that means two crazy days at work before a crazy day of moving.

*I can get my cat back when I move as I will have three weekends of being around which will give her a bit of time.

*I used to love Top Gun when I was a teenager.

*Those pictures have really left a mark where they have been.

*Little bear has become a tele addict I think – he’s been staring at it for 24 hours solid – even when it isn’t on.

*I must go to bed.

I have a date

The trauma will hopefully be over on Wednesday 30 June – just over 6 months after the offer was accepted. Even today it didn’t go smoothly, a man up the chain insisted he didn’t want to move until Friday next week (which is too late due to mortgages etc)

I have phoned various people to share the good news – BT, British Gas, Water and Sewage, and Dad. I didn’t need to phone David as he was here anyway.

To celebrate we poured salt and boiling water on the drive – we know how to party.


“Hi, we should be able to exchange for completion on Tuesday”

“OK, that’s fine”

2 hours later…

“We haven’t exchanged yet because your buyer still wants to move tomorrow”

“Right, she needs to get over herself then doesn’t she? It’s not gonna happen”

“Well, as none of the others are ready to move yet, yes she does. I’ll try to get the agent to talk sense to her.”

Result – still not exchanged.


A class managed to go missing for an entire lesson this morning. A chap was covering and came and asked me about the group. I knew where they should be and passed that on. Some time later I remembered to check what happened but no class had arrived and the cover teacher had wandered around the school looking and listening for a class without a teacher (they would usually stand out). Eventually he discovered that they had been taken by another teacher because they were wandering around outside her room!

Advice to people wondering whether to teach

Lots of people are coming to my wiblog at the moment having searched for things like ‘mad to be a teacher’ or ‘must be mad to teach’ etc. I thought I could come up with some thoughts that might help them.

Indeed overall you have to be mad – completely insane – to be a teacher in todays world.

I have worked in a school where, when I left at the end of the day without having been called a variety of names, or not burst into tears at some stage – usually when I reached my friends house – it was a very good day indeed. Yes, mad to be a teacher. The staff were brilliant and friendships were extremely strong amongst the staff – we needed each other. Some people can do it, I did it for 4 years and never want to again.

I have worked in a school where you get a real variety of students. Top sets where the novelty of being able to talk to them without having a major incident took about a month to wear off (poor things). There were also the ones that would challenge your every move. Staff were quite fun while I was there, but no lasting friendships.

Of course there is always the school where pupils are generally fine, classes, not bad on the whole (apart from a rare class) and the pressure from the management is much stronger in terms of setting homework and marking to strict guidelines. The staff are varied, some OK and putting up with my house moving dramas on a daily basis, but none I would call my friends – but then, perhaps I don’t need such support.

Mad to teach? Certainly, ultimately very few people love their job. At times I don’t like my job, at times it’s ok and there are times that I really have some fun.

PS Still no moving date – Friday is looking rather unlikely!!

No news here, keep moving, nothing to see

Yup, you’ve guessed, I still don’t know whether I am moving on Friday – I believe that it is possible in theory, but I suspect I won’t be moving this week, which is just SO frustrating. Anyway, having said I will find out on Monday, I didn’t, perhaps someone will tell me tomorrow. But then, why do I need to know?

Scout Fayre

We think Chris Barrie opened the event today. If it was that chap his judging of the fancy dress competition was very amusing, actually even if it wasn’t him the judging was still funny.

Having told the girls that they hadn’t made as much effort as the boys he then decided that that the girls who were cheerleaders should come first and second. But as he said to number two “your tassles are a bit sad, but you can work on some better ones for next year” well, it made me laugh


They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do and I am beginning to realise that it’s true. I still haven’t exchanged contracts which means that moving on Fiday is looking very dodgy. We have however come to an agreement whereby I accept I am paying for a new hot water tank and installation – a mere £950 which seems like what it costs having asked around lots. It’s so frustrating to be spending so much money on something I will never use, and actually works fine anyway.