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I know most of you will think I am mad to feel such a way but I was completely gutted that it was the last ever episode of ‘Friends’ last night. Seriously, I have been watching it ever since it started 10 years ago. It’s a wonderful programme. I put it on when I need cheering up and it always works. I know that at some stage I will make the transfer from Video to DVD.

Thank you ‘Friends’, I will miss you.


Whilst in an exam I had to break it to a year 11 that I was not allowed to explain what the word ‘ancestors’ means. What made it worse was that it was a word on the Anthology they can take into the exam – not even the exam paper. They study from the Anthology for about a year before they take the exam. The English teachers were horrified.

I am so proud

I am number 8 on Google UK for destroying ants.

The two students doing the ‘other half’ of the GCSE RE took the exam today. We had discussed how each of them could sit centrally, one in each gym. Sensibly they put them in an office. I suppose I should be annoyed that about 5 of my students didn’t come to my lesson even though the exam for 2 people was the only one taking place.

You may like to know that I have continued to pack boxes. School managed to find another 9 for me today.


Boxes, boxes, run with boxes, all the way to Beth…


It must be getting to me. I have taken a lot of packed boxes round to the garage of a friend. Gosh it’s been a busy day. Now all I need is lots more boxes. Any ideas? Someone at school knows a bloke down the pub, but that would involve me hanging around after school to talk to a geezer who may not wish to provide a complete stranger with boxes for a small amount of cash. Life is a challenge.

Ramblings on a variety of things

I shouldn’t be writing at this time on a school night.

The service on Sunday was well received – definitely a team effort there.

I really must go to the gym tomorrow, but the only way that will happen is if I remember to pack my bag tonight.

The house selling/ buying is now looking scarily close. I have been avoiding doing anything because I have been so fed up that it is taking so long, now though I suspect I am going to go slightly insane trying to do everything. Plus we had just booked a campsite for a few nights in half term and I want to go.

My head of department took my kids in with his own first lesson today because so many were in an exam, and I got a free lesson – hurrah for Fred (is that what I usually call him?).

I must go to bed.

PS A miracle is when someone wakes up from a comma.

Really must prepare

I am leading the service in the morning and really can’t seem to get my head round that. I also had a phonecall from the chap who was meant to be leading intercessions tomorrow to say he can’t do it. Well he said he could do it if I really needed him to, and if I really couldn’t find anyone else, he would drag himself in, but he really really didn’t want to because he really is very unwell. Alright mate, I get the point, I’ll do it myself. Eek, should plan something.

Must dash.

How to make a teacher mad

No, this isn’t advice. I get rather a lot of people finding my blog through this phrase and I am worrying that I am encouraging people to drive teachers to insanity not to mention anger. Perhaps I should change my title to Crazy Teacher? I won’t though cos I like Mad Teacher and Maddie.

PS Kat, is 7.30 ok?


The sun was shining, the outdoor pool was calling my name, and I was being punished because some child hadn’t bothered doing his homework. Hurry up George, I want to go home. They really don’t see that it is a punishment for us too – especially in weather like this. I got there eventually though and that’s what counts!