Monthly Archives: March 2004


I am having a lot of dreams that I am walking normally again – aaaaaaaaahhhh!

Last night I had a dream that I was wandering around and ended up looking at trays of cat food, and my head of year commented she was worrying that they were too similar flavours. I assured her that once they were distributed among my form they would be fine.

Key ideas, I am clearly missing wandering, my cat (who is with my parents) and my head of year. Strange.

The earth from the air

I am always a fan of aerial photography, but have particularly enjoyed the books of Yann Arthus Bertrand, he takes rather stunning pictures and cares a lot about the environment. Currently available is his Earth from the air: 366 days although I also have the previous one.

I have mentioned him because there is currently a programme on BBC2 about him filming.


Annual Meeting of Generals – or something like that.

We had two very sweet little old ladies* sitting behind us throughout making scathing comments about everything. So glad they are both going to be on the council next year… or am I glad I just won’t be there to hear them?

I was welcomed beautifully into the small group I joined for discussion, one individual said ‘what are you doing here, we’ve already got six people’ this would make a pretty sorry sight – me on crutches being turned away from a church discussion group!


Well that will surely make the school moan!

I went to see the Consultant today about my foot, he was pretty much inactive (he even got his assistant to rip off the prescription he had given me – I suspect such things are below him) but I did ask the questions that I wanted to. He signed me off for 3 weeks which takes me into the Easter holidays, I have a lot of guilt about this, but realistically speaking I just can’t deal with the distances and hassle of being there – moving a plate of food from one location to another (about 4 metres apart) is a nightmare, as is washing etc. This is all aside from the fact that I can’t drive. I will be setting my work for all the lessons, have checked that report writing isn’t happening at the moment and there is little else I am capable of right now.

But progress – I managed to rest my foot very gently on the floor for about 5 minutes.

Life continues apace

well at my pace anyway. Which is actually a lot slower than many people’s. Yesterday I went to church and got told by two separate people that I shouldn’t kick Dave so hard next time!

Life is quite exhausting really and it makes you think, given the smallest things become a challenge, at least for me it is only temporary.

Poor cat

She was chasing her bright pink ball with a bell inside it so energetically that she ran straight into the bar across the bottom of the chair. Poor thing, she ran off and has now gone outside, hopefully just out of embarrassment rather than pain.


This morning I was running a bit late so hurried to post mum’s Mothers Day card. Unfortunately as I was hurrying back to the car I fell. As I stood up I looked at the lump growing on my foot and thought that all was not well (besides the fact that it really hurt).

Some lovely friends took me to the hospital where I hopped and hopped and hopped – good exercise. The upshot is that I have broken a bone in my foot, fortunately, as with most things I do, it is very simple and should repair itself ok. Now I am on crutches and going up stairs on my knees and down on my bum. Mind you I would advise you not to hit the injured area against the crutches – that hurts too!

I am disillusioned

We were chatting at lunch time today about lesson observations, one woman was saying how when she trained she just wasn’t observed – at all. As a consequence she hates people in her classroom*, whereas now it’s just one of those things that new teachers accept.

My response was that I had grown to not be used to others observing me and it is never a pleasant experience. She reassured me that I was counted as an old teacher! Cheek.

*observing rather than learning of course – though… hmmm

More house (not) news

I was at Tescos this evening when I saw the people I am (hopefully) buying the house from. Basically we established that we don’t have a clue what is going on, but I get the feeling that they aren’t moving with great urgency. The chain seems to be

-My buyer to me

-Me to them

-Them to someone else

-Someone else to a house of a person who died recently.

I conclude that therefore I can’t conclude anything, one day it would be nice to talk to my solicitor.