Monthly Archives: January 2004

We’ve done deals all over the place

Hurrah, hurrah, I have come to an acceptable price on the house I am buying (excepting the possibility of massive heartbreak if something goes wrong) and have accepted an offer on my house within 24 hours of each other. All that remains now is the small task of sorting everything else out. I can handle this.

It’s all too scary

I have had an offer on my house which I am contemplating (actually I have had two offers but I rejected the first). I have made an offer on another house, which I suspect they have contemplated and are going to refuse. I am far too excited, I have decided that the house I have made an offer on is ideal and I really, really want it. I need to start preparing myself that I won’t get it.

Sometimes I think I need to crawl away and hide from all of this proper stuffl. I blame my dad, he put the idea into my head (moving that is, rather than this house) and now I think it’s a great idea.

Around and about…

Oh yes, we are all out on our mobiles you know, I for instance am posting this from the top of the Eiffel Tower. I just love Paris, don’t you? As I look around me I can see the Seine especially a couple of rather great bridges. In the far distance I know the Sacre Couer is there, standing white, with the artists quarter. I think when I get down from the tower I will go and have a meal in a lovely Parisian restaurant.

Over and out from this mobile phone, oh yes.


I was wondering whether to be really conservative in my house purchasing and go for a 2 bed house but tonight I looked at 2 3 bed houses. They were both good and have certainly got me thinking. I also had a viewer tonight, which was fun as I felt much more able to just talk to them, the others had felt rather challenging. Another viewer tomorrow, I promise to continue to bore you Kat.

Poor service

Do you know, today I went into Nationwide to ask a question, hoping to talk to a personal banker type person. There was no such person available so I queued for a while, a couple of lads walked out as they were fed up with waiting, I waited and finally reached the front of the queue by which time there were about 6 people behind me, all queuing for this woman. As I could see four other people also behind the glass I was hoping one of them would be able to talk to me, but apparently not. I left for three reasons…

1) I did not want to hold up the people who were queuing
2) I did not want to talk about my personal finances in public
3) I figured the service was not good

Ah well, they lost my service, but I don’t expect they care.

Scary cat

Someone I know gave a little cat some cellophane to play with, she stared at it for a while and then suddenly pounced on it. The someone who gave the cat the stuff in the first place jumped and spilled his coke over the sofa and himself. It was very funny but you probably had to be there.

Oooh oooh oooh

I had two sets of people round to look at my little house tonight which meant furious tidying – even though I had tidied for photos yesterday there was more that I had planned to do so had to do them furiously before badminton (I was quite good).

Anyway the people…

Couple 1 – easy to talk to, know the area, first place they’ve looked at (early days)

Couple 2 – turned into bloke and his mum, girlfriend not available this evening, mum doing the ‘I won’t give anything away’ routine, perhaps she just didn’t have anything to give.

Anyway, it has only been 2 days so I think I’ll just relax.

I’ll continue boring you with house hunting until you scream mercy

Today I took my compass so I would know where the sun would be in the garden (how organised was that) of course given the people had already accepted an offer of the full asking price it was rather irrelevant. Anyway this evening I saw another house, the owner clearly has not watched any of the numerous programmes there are now on how to sell your house. He had not tidied up at all, he had not cleaned and to make matters worse he is really trying it on with the asking price.

A box obsession

How is it that I have now packed about 8 boxes of stuff (even if I did unpack 2 of them, at least I did that in someone elses house) my house doesn’t even look any less empty? The dust left on some of my book shelves made the cat sneeze, I think she did it to make me feel guilty.

Tomorrow is the big day of actually signing with an estate agent so I guess I had better finish tidying soon, I am just not a tidy person by nature so the next few weeks are going to be really tough for me. Perhaps I will become a reformed character, tidy all the time, never dreaming to leave a mug unwashed for more than 10 mins after I finish a drink.

A new idea

Rumour has it that certain school has decided that it is a good idea to label children’s books with the type of learner they are. This means visual, auditory or kinaesthetic will appear on the front of books and when you start talking to a class some will say “we can’t learn by listening, we’ll just chat amongst ourselves”, others will refuse to look at the board and the rest will be demanding that they form a giant human pyramid in order to learn about Egypt.

What this fails to take into account is that we all learn partially in all ways even though we may have preferred learning styles, it also fails to take into account that ultimately you have to spend 2 hours in an exam hall in complete silence showing you understand stuff. Genius, complete genius.