Monthly Archives: December 2003

Imagine this…

A man stands up and says “I don’t really know what I am going to say, it will probably be a rambling mess, I haven’t really got my thoughts together on this yet but…”

Me screaming inside “WELL SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP THEN”

Is this what he does? No, of course not, he carries on.

He then spouted an entire bunch of rubbish – the odd word I couldn’t help but agree with but even then in the context he put it in it was entire poo. He finally stopped and said, “right, I am going to embarrass myself and my family further…”


“…by singing one song to the tune of another.”

He did as well.

If all the hints are that you don’t know what you are going to say, or do, or know you are going to embarrass yourself my advice would be to stop, sit down and shut up.

It just seems to happen

Everything going swimmingly and then something spoils it. Can’t predict it, really can’t plan for it, other than sit in one place and don’t move (but then things would simply be very boring).

Anyway, time to sleep – lets hope that can’t go wrong.

My new neighbours

They moved in over a week ago and I have finally been round to hand over a bottle of wine (bit of a slacker I know). They seem very unlikely to be like the neighbour from hell in Eastenders – which is nice. They even said positive things about cats – which is always a bonus given my cat will spend too much time in their garden. I told them to feel free to throw her over the fence when she was being annoying.

Wandering dog

I was delivering Church Christmas leaflets around my street this afternoon when a large, enthusiastic dog came bounding up. I fully expected him to be followed by a rather breathless owner but no one appeared. The dog ran around an awful lot as I continued around the houses. I also got a reproachful look from a parent with her child who clearly thought I wasn’t controlling my dog very well. I was rather worried about this young thing, he had no collar, so I couldn’t phone the owner. I finally decided to phone and see if anyone had reported him missing, but no one had and by that time the dog had wandered off. I hope he’s ok.

The day from Hell

I had to spend four hours with my form this morning – and when they are 15 and 16 year olds that’s good for no one. I really, really, really will campaign so no one else ever has to suffer as I have suffered. Anyway, it’s all nearly over now – 4 yrs have started their Christmas 1 to go. Hurrah, and I am off out for a meal tonight, hurrah.

La la la la

Bit more Christmassy singing tonight, which is nice – the fact it started in September is beside the point.

I am hoping that the M25 and my energy levels will comply so we can go to a meet in London tomorrow evening, given I am still up this really will need a miracle.