Monthly Archives: October 2003

I’m back

Paris was wonderful – mind you it was really, really cold. We did the usual sort of stuff – went to Notre Dame, The Louvre (they really don’t want you to ever escape from it), up Tour Montparnasse for great views on a lovely day, up to the Sacre Cour and the Artists square, to Musee D’Orsay ooh and to 59 Rue de Rivoli, really glad it had been featured on a holiday programme otherwise we would never have known about it.

Of course we also ate and drank lots. I love Paris – have I said that before?

Real life took over!

Open evening came and went – it was ok, never exciting but hey.

Been to see my parents, we went out for a meal. I gave my old computer to my brother as it seemed a much better option than it just sitting in my roof.

I have been rather spoilt on the present front and am finding that being thirty is survivable so far.

We’re off to Paris tomorrow – very early – and I am looking forward to it lots and lots – I love Paris but haven’t been for a few years.

Two more days to go!

Unfortunately one of them includes an Open Evening, which is nice!

I was very energetic today at the gym and badminton, but am wiped out now – it probably has something to do with the meal I had out with a couple of friends. I got a beautiful amethyst necklace – thank you very much friend!!!

Must go to bed though.


Just about!

This weekend was the first of my birthday celebrations. It was great fun, we took some photos, opened some pressies (well I did – and I was rather spoilt), ate some marvellous food, drank some wine and everyone humoured me by playing a ‘Friends’ game I had picked up in a Charity shop that hadn’t even been opened (oh dear – the game not the shop).

We did have a rather late night and I feel like I am getting old when I struggle so much the next day.

Mad Cat

I took the cat to the vet today. When I walked into the room the vet told me there was a note on the computer saying that my little sweet cat was ‘difficult’. I assured the vet that she had just had a very stressful, long wait last time and normally she is very gentle. The vet was reassured!

It was after that it all went wrong…

There was hissing, there were many, many teeth on display, claws were waved dangerously.

The vet got a towel.

The cat got a needle.

I got embarrassed.


Life seems rather busy at the moment, having been ill last week it’s a bit of a shock to the system getting back to the gym and all that sort of thing.

I must tidy this house – but not now… I need an early night.

My cat doesn’t eat peas

That’s all I have to say really, but why should I stop there. In those little trays the makers think they should put veg in too (I reckon it is to humour the owners). Anyway my cat is not impressed she always leaves the peas. A girl after my own heart.

A lazy day and then it all went wrong

but not until 5.40pm

Until that point I was managing to avoid the different things that needed doing. Suddenly I leapt to action and painted the parts of my shed I could reach, half heartedly did a bit of the fence. Serviced my vacuum cleaner and did other stuff.

I am reading a murdery book at the moment which I am really enjoying but the lady (Kathy Reichs) has a habit of ending a chapter so that I just have to read on – bit mean if you ask me.