Monthly Archives: September 2003

TV people are so stupid

We have David Blaine in a plastic box starving himself to get £5 million, and people encouraging him to do so, he needs to get his head round the fact that millions of people are starving to death and they don’t have any choice in the matter. Stupid arse.

Another stupid arse is the one who is playing russian roulette on TV.

It is really very pathetic.

No TGI’s

I was going to go with a couple of friends tonight, unfortunately one was throwing up all morning and the other crawled into bed with a really bad headache – poor people.

Anyway, I keep going to the gym which has got to be a Good Thing.

Instead of going out I tried to catch up with various friends, I succeeded with some, it’s good to talk.

The honeymoon weeks are over

Had a hassle full day, amazing the knock on effect of one classes behaviour onto the next eg, me talking to kids who haven’t done homework after the lesson and then my form wanting to get into the room and creating so much fuss, banging the door etc so they all end up in for 10mins.

Some genius decided that a way of dealing with the special needs children was to put them into the same class so they could have support, of course, that means when it’s my sort of subject, which doesn’t deserve support, I just have to deal with all the statemented kids in one group. Brilliant idea.

2 nightmares in one building

I commented at the start of music group rehearsal that next door was my worst nightmare (20 scouts running around like maniacs). I soon realised that there was swift competition in the room I was actually in. Another of my worst nightmares is having to sing when no one else is. I am quite happy singing with people etc, but on my own, especially when the others just wanted to be reminded of the song so I wasn’t even accompanied is just horrific. I have come along though, a couple of years ago I couldn’t have done it.

Spending money!

Don’t you just love it!

I have just bought an all in one printer, scanner and copier – woo hoo. I finally got fed up of having to email anything I wanted printing to someone else.

Right, now that I can print I had better plan the service for this evening aaaaaaagggh.