Monthly Archives: August 2003

30th Birthday dilemmas

I will turn 30 in less than two months and I am trying to work out what to do for it.

My house is too small to have a party, so that isn’t an option.

My church would probably allow me use of the building for an evening (for a fee of course!). If I did do that friends from the area – church and otherwise – would hopefully come, but what about those who live further away? Also what would I do for the party – dancing isn’t really my thing but I suppose we could just have music playing or something.

I could save myself a lot of work and go out for a meal with some friends.

I could run away to somewhere else for a break.

What’s a girl to do?

A message from Greenbelt

Well, you see, we have a bit of time before we are meeting some people at the bar and the internet seemed like a bargainacious way of spending half and hour (£1 as opposed to $8 in Ithaca).

There is a rather amazing and fascinating creation here this year called ‘Colourscape’ it is a sculpture in colour. To describe it it seems like you are inside an giant bouncy castle type platform. The only problem is that on a hot day it is rather unbearable for too long (I found it so anyway) so I didn’t experience it as much as I would have liked to.

Other than that it has been the usual socialising, eating, drinking, listening to speakers and trying to deal with the disgusting toilets on the campsite (thankfully in the racecourse itself they are fine – was that too much information?).

Anyway off to read a few more bits of the internet before my time is up.

I’m back!!!

For a few more hours at least.

I am suffering rather from jetlag, I was awake very early this morning – 4.30am and didn’t sleep again til 7am.

We had an absolutely brilliant holiday – I won’t bother going into loads of detail but here is a very brief summary of where we went…

New York City

New York State – specifically Ithaca and Saugerties

Newport, Rhode Island


There were other places but that is mostly it.

You may be able to find out more from Dave at some stage!

“You’re the man but she’s the goddess”

Always nice to be thought of, and indeed told you’re a goddess!!! This particular occasion was a man reminding me of that very thing while we walked through Central Park. Obviously it is particularly good for Dave to be reminded I’m a goddess.

Major change of pace since leaving NYC. Will tell you more if I think of it! (What to tell you rather than simply writing anything)

Last minute!

Packing – dashing round, trying to remember everything. Because although we don’t go ’til tomorrow we are off to my parents in a while.

May do the occasional wiblog while away.