Monthly Archives: July 2003

Victoria Wood

“If God had meant us to wear leotards he would have painted us purple”

I listened to a tape of Victoria Wood, as seen on TV on the way home tonight – there was so much there that made me laugh.

I am off for a couple of days to visit friends – if I wiblog I really should get a life!

Hurrah! The term has ended.

Free at last etc

I have come to my parents to do a bit of catching up with them – I don’t see them often enough really. I am also delivering my little cat for the summer holidays (she settles in very well after about three days and gets spoilt rotten by my mum!).

We may indulge in some retail therapy soon too.


The world championships are on at the moment, I have always loved watching swimming and diving on TV but it is rare that they show anything.

I think this stems from my general love of water, eeh I remember the days when I used to go swimming and then not be able to see when I went to the library because the chlorine had hurt my eyes so much.

I need a bib

When I ate my lunch at school today it dropped back to the plate and splatted – the result was several spots of sauce on my top (quite reddy in colour – white top). The consequence was that I walked around all afternoon with something in front of me – eg pile of exercise books for marking, or random folder. If the children did notice they must have attributed it to my natural weirdness.

For those of you that care, I have (hopefully) taught ‘that’ class for the last time. Those of you who don’t, ignore last paragraph.


I was feeling as though I have been very lazy today – which incidentally I have. Aside from producing emergency intercessions (I had forgotten it was me!) and cutting back a rather ugly tree type shrub in the garden I haven’t really done anything. As a way of making myself feel better I did this.

Clearly not finished yet, but I do feel as though I have done something!

Another weekend needed

To recover from the weekend.

It’s been a busy couple of days – BBQ went ahead with no problems. This evening I was singing with some others for a little concert type thing in my church. It went quite well actually, I tried to remember to smile.