Monthly Archives: June 2003

Flights booked!

We are getting closer! The plan is to fly into New York stay there a few nights then hire a car and drive around a bit before going to Boston and flying out 2 weeks later. Some of you may know I have a bit of a map obsession so have done some purchasing in order to do some planning. If anyone has any ideas about where we should go in New York – state and city, Massachussettes, Boston and that area generally, suggestions would be very welcome indeed.


Went to a closing down party of my old school where I began my teaching career. It was great fun catching up with old friends. I recognised most people that I should have done but there was one person I really, really didn’t recognise.

Did a bit too much partying and didn’t go to bed til 2.30 this morning and am suffering today. A friend has invited me over for lunch – which is lovely so that is where I am off to now.


When I went to work there was a roundabout with a few flowers on it. When I came home they had planted a rather large clock standing about 15 feet high. Interesting didn’t think you could grow one of them.

Of course he managed it.

The hazards of being a cat

My cat has had a stressful evening. While I was eating she was trying to come in through the door that was slightly open but not open enough for her to walk straight in. She spent ages trying to push it open but didn’t put enough oomph into it, she also peered round it (a slight push with her head would have done it) she didn’t think to use the catflap that was there all along… she seemed to finally give up and put her paw around the door to pull it to. At this point she ran off quickly as she had got her paw caught (albeit briefly). Don’t worry though, I checked all her claws and they seem to be in working order – ow.

Her second hazard was simply rubbing her head against things. She opted for the wine bottle lying horizontally on the wine rack. She ran off when it jumped off the rack and attacked her (it missed though).

Upshot – little cat unhurt but had a stressful evening.

Email censor

I sent myself an email to my work address. I received a reply telling me it had been sensored for ‘malicious content’ this made me chuckle rather, not only because I am apparently sending myself malicious messages, but also because the word that was pulled up was ‘queer’. It appeared 16 times and here is an example of it…

‘it’s a queer thing, but one of them struck me as being vaguely familiar?’

bless the writer, she even called a chapter ‘queerer and queerer’! That’s the 50’s for you!


I allowed myself an hour and a half to get back from Dave’s so I would be at the practice for Prayer and Praise tonight (it’s monthly service that I organise) but came to a complete halt on the M25. It took a while to be fed off of the motorway and wander through lots of roads not really knowing where I was going but assuming I was following someone who did! Eventually I got back on the motorway and back to church with 5 minutes to spare before the service started. It was very exciting! I handed out a couple of readings and got on with it. It seemed to go well.

Cookham Fair

Or however they spell it in these parts. We wandered along today and tried to bid on the silent auction but it closed just as we arrived. We also witnessed the fire engine wander along it’s merry, loud way off to do a little work having shown everyone it’s hoses. To cap it off nicely Dave won a balloon and sweet because he got a yellow lolly stick. He looked very sweet carrying it around!