Monthly Archives: May 2003

Must plan next holiday

Now that half term is sadly drawing to a close it really is time to start planning our summer holiday. This is what we have so far…

– Fly to New York

– Use some sort of transportation once we’re there to go other places

Hmm needs some work doesn’t it?

Been Camping

Went to see friends who moved recently, it was lovely to see them in their new environment but I am still sad they are so far away. One of the campsites we stayed at was in the middle of no where. What amazed me was the amount of people who enjoy sitting by a pond with a fishing rod in hand for hours on end.

We also went to Cambridge and stayed on a rather lovely campsite.

Leaving day antics I

Rumour has it that pupils at a nearby girls grammar school put a massive sign up out side “This* High School for Girls – breeding lesbians since 1930”

*Name changed to protect the erm… innocent.

Babies are very small

As I discovered when I visited a friend of mine who had a baby on Sunday. All seems to have gone well and I got to play Top Trumps with the six year old for quite some time – until my stomach was rumbling.


Spending a lot of time trying to work out whether to fly, go by bus or drive. It really is a dilemma.

Actually though the initial thing will definitely be flying.

Chalet School Books

It has recently come to my attention that I am not the only addicted person. I own all of them (about 60) and read the series through every so often. Having spent time looking at what other people are saying I can’t help but think I will need to read the series again.


On getting my food out of the oven I burnt the back of my hand on the door. I did put it under the tap for a short while but then I needed the loo because of the running water.