Monthly Archives: April 2003

I am my dad

Which is rather worrying.

When I got home I sat in my car for a few minutes listening to the radio. I remember thinking as a child how weird it was to just stay in the car when you have now arrived at your destination.

I am my dad.

One day down.

It has been entirely crazy, new man (entusiastic and not bad so far) major coursework nightmares it just goes on and on. The budget cuts schools are suffering from mean that as a department if we want to make any reasonable exam changes we have to pay for them. I don’t blame the school but I do blame the system.

I got to lunch time and was eating so quickly I just needed some time out. I finally got it after the worst nightmare class ever. I am counting down the times I have to see them.


Now I love the things, if you want to keep me quiet when the grown ups are playing then give me a map – basically it can be of anything – the World, Wales, Ocean beds – I can look at them for ages.

However, in Greenbelt last year I took a photo of a couple who stunned even me.

Isn’t that just something? If it is you in the photo I’m really sorry, but look somethings just go too far. Perhaps one of you wear them at a time? Plan ahead, talk about it before you leave the tent/ caravan. Just don’t do it again – really.

PS Yes I should be in bed but I don’t want to.

Changed my subtitle

Well if I am to be honest I haven’t actually done it yet but will make it my first port of call straight after writing this.

I am not feeling very good. I hate going back to school after holidays. It’s hard enough on a normal Monday but is made all the worse after a lovely holiday. Though on that idea they would never give us any time off at all (I think that is the way they want to go).

Tomorrow I have to deal with the man who I was dreading. Will tell more tomorrow, people keep saying things like ‘he probably won’t be too bad’ but I am definitely convinced he is really as bad as he was on interview.


I had so many weird dreams last night. I’ll mention the things I can remember.

– registering to attend a boarding school / summer camp type thing then finding that someone had taken my bed in a room I was sharing with friends from school and university (strange mix)

– wandering around that same school in the middle of the night and coming across all sorts of strange things

– a science teacher from school working in Boots and being responsible for working out the contact lenses I was wearing (I thought they were C10’s) and her hands shaking so much that she dropped them. She had very long nails. (Just as a point of information, I don’t wear contacts and have no idea why they were called C10s)

– ordering drinks at a hatch while various people I don’t know waited for me to bring them over. I was paying for them, which was generous of me.

– keeping bacon in my handbag and splitting up the slices in order to pay for things

I take no responsibility for the content of any of my dreams


After the glossing of yesterday there was some mad tidying in order to have friends over for a BBQ. It was a fun evening at the end of a crazy few days. 2 friends arrived after the others had left – got held up with wedding crises and things like that – the joy of the Church of England.

Got up shockingly late today and have promised Dave that he doesn’t have to do any more work. We’re going to go to Borders instead as that was his special choice!


So I did, in the last two days my house has been undergoing a transformation. I got my dad up here to give advice and he made Dave go up the ladder – Dave doesn’t like the ladder (borrowed from a neighbour) but he is learning and was up and down it today like a mad thing.

I know it is boring for everyone else but the things that have happened so far are…

Cleared gutters (very useful cos of persistent flooding)

Cleaned bedroom window (first time since buying house)

Cleaned downstairs window and door (made it look just like new)

Mowed the grass and swept the patio (even got the edge tidied)

Top board under the gutters sanded and undercoated (very high)

Windows sanded and undercoated (especially the frames!)

Filled the door and window frame (which is fun)

Used car filler on wooden down thing and the wrong type of polyfiller (happily I went back to B&Q to buy the right stuff and less happily came home and realised I had bought the wrong stuff)

Undercoated some lower paintwork after the sanding process.

Tomorrow brings the joy of gloss.

First thing though I have to go to school and spent my evening marking coursework in preparation for that.

(I know this is a v boring entry – but humour me)

Happy Easter

I got up at 5.30am for the dawn service. That’s the first time I have done this and it was worth it. It was followed by coffee and croissants. I admit that I crawled back into bed around 8am and was mercifully not woken by the DIY until 10.30 – which is nice.