Monthly Archives: March 2003


I don’t like losing an hour. Makes me very sleepy.

It was such a nice day I thought I should be outside so I washed my car. I don’t think it is something I am skilled at given how much I kept washing it and it was still dirty.


I apparently have a tendency to spell tendency wrong. I first noticed this tendency when two reports with the word tendency written over them were returned to me. Needless to say I now have a tendency to spell tendency correctly – partly due to rewriting the reports and carefully spelling tendency correctly.

Wrong way

Rather worryingly this morning while driving to work I suddenly realised I wasn’t on my actual route to work. I had no memory of deciding to go a different way which isn’t too encouraging.


I love the sunshine it makes everything seem better – especially when I actually get out in it rather than just peering through the window with a classroom full of kids.

When I got to Dave’s on Friday we went for a walk combined with a pint seeking type affair. We succeeded! Saturday we ate lunch by the river – sooooooo lovely there. Today we were invited for lunch by a couple at his church and even just walking over there was great, sitting and having a drink in the garden was good but the roast dinner was Brilliant!! – something I love but rarely cook.

This evening was our AGM at church and I am now not on the PCC having been on it for six years. Feels a bit strange but I think it is the right thing.

Soon after my last entry I took to my bed and in the intervals when I was awake I kept taking an hour off of the time. This meant it wasn’t too late and I could stay there. Don’t ask me why. It resulted in me dragging myself out of bed at 9.40pm.