Monthly Archives: February 2003


There was a sign on my way round that wonderful M25 today. I had spent 2 1/2 hours in queues, moving at 20 miles an hour if I’m lucky when I saw the sign ‘Queues after next junction’.

REALLY???!!! I hadn’t noticed.

I wanted to pull my own nails out

I was just SO bored during 2 hours and 20 mins of invigilation today. The kids complain about the exams but at least they have something to do. The highlight was getting to leave the hall to ask someone about a paper which had been set.

I have 1 hour and 15 mins tomorrow and then that will be the last of it til the summer term.

I hate invigilation just in case you were in any doubt.


I had half of my cake at breaktime today – it was lovely! I shall eat the rest tomorrow.

I have a pathetic cut on my first finger – to show you you would say it was nothing, but it hurts when playing badminton and yes I was awful tonight.

er… at badminton that is.


I talk to myself.

Well really it is more of a mutter. I was walking home from drinking wine with a friend (she has given me cake for tomorrow!) and I became aware that I had a pretty constant ‘chat’ going on with myself. Not loudly I hasten to add. I speak to myself on a variety of topics as they occur to me. I probably even talked to myself about this wiblog.

I am becoming one of those insane women who wander the streets muttering. oh no!!! I already am one.

Shopping Lists

My advice to you is not to make a shopping list whilst watching TV. This is what I did and it was only when I putting things away that I realised I had forgotten things.

Orange Juice. I want orange juice. I didn’t buy any.

I also stood in the wine aisle for a while with lots of money off vouchers trying to match up the wine with the offer. It took ages and I could have asked for help, but she could have offered!

Taize (again)

I think that was a title not so long ago, anyway an update.

This evening was our first Taize service and it went really well, people made a lot of positive comments afterwards – which is nice. Chatting with the people who did much of the organising we thought we might try to make it an ‘every three months thing’ and we even got Michael’s blessing so there we go!

The service was quite short, which I think is a good thing as a starting point the idea being that people would become more accustomed to it and the service and people would grow together.

I am going to step down from Deanery Synod at the AGM this year (after 5 1/2 years I think it is time) am still not sure about the PCC.

I’m such a tourist

We wandered around that magnificent city looking less than edukated.

Rather a pleasant couple of days with the bonus of a cooked brekkie to start the day (no baked beans for me please). I have been to Oxford lots of times but never really for more than eating, shopping and drinking (also one of the few places I have been to a nightclub). It is so beautiful to wander around and such gorgeous weather. I know Nefertiki was talking about weather the other day so I thought I would follow suit. I couldn’t believe our luck up the tower of er… a Church which is in the centre and means you get to look all over the city. It is so wonderful to be able to look at everything with lovely blue sky and sunshine making it all the better.

I have been rambling and would probably change a few things if I could be bothered to go back in once I have read this, but I think someone else is keen to check his email now he is home!

Just off

For a weekend (if it can be that from Thursday to Saturday). We are going to Oxford to wander around being annoying tourists. Will say a bit more about it when I get back and therefore know more.

You will be relieved

to learn that I succeeded in my mission to get pizza delivered yesterday. Very nice it was too.

I am rather enjoying half term but already wishing it was two weeks not one. Mornings are incredibly lazy afternoons less so and evenings somewhere in the middle.