Monthly Archives: January 2003

On the topic of snow

When I was stuck in my classroom with no windows the snow started but I knew nothing of it (upside is that my lesson was not disrupted in any way) but it lightened up and disappeared apart from small patches on the grass. I came home from work promptly just in case, eventually went to bed and when I woke up SNOW 3 inches of the stuff – great!!! Wonder if it will be enough to stop me getting to work tomorrow… (Not that I don’t want to do the church visits, just that it will be *********** cold.)

Oooh it is getting late

but what’s new, though I will have you note that my entry yesterday was solely at 5pm ish. I could therefore claim this was the only time I was on the internet and had a sensible early night. If that were true I would be far wiser than I am. Glad to say people at school are beginning to accept that me in the mornings is never going to be good. I really like my head of department too, she makes me feel organised!

On Friday I get to go on a church visit with my class, weirdly a friend of mine is going to be doing the tour (I assume that is what he does… “on your left you will find an old grave, on your right some lovely flowers the little old ladies at the back arranged” etc)

My old form

I am rather missing my old form and even more so because my new lot aren’t great. I promised my old lot that I would email them a bit to keep in touch. I feel so sorry for their new form tutor, it doesn’t sound like they are giving her an easy time of it, I know how that feels!

I have received some really nice emails from various kids.

So many things…

Lets start with the way I made a fool of myself twice in the pub over the weekend. Wandering into the pub I asked boyf what he wanted to drink, he realed off loads of letters basically meaning he wanted a pint of bitter but couldn’t remember what it was called. Instead of me asking for bitter I asked for a pint of ISP – do you mean IPA he asked – er, yes thanks.

Do I leave it there though? No I start wittering about ISP being so familiar because of it being Internet Service Provider.

Next event, dropped by the same pub on way home from having a lovely meal out. As we got home I realised I had left my handbag at the pub! I phoned them and there were no problems, except that as they were only opening at 12pm the next day I didn’t have my car keys to drive to church this morning! I just had a nice long lie-in instead!

There are pleanty more things but I will get to them later.

The Sky

As I got out of the car having been singing I noticed how lovely the sky was. It is so clear and the stars are lovely. It also has the effect of reminding me how different it is in Ethiopia – or prob any part, but I have only been to Ethiopia.

Clear skies – wonderful, even if I do have to scrape my car in the morning.

Prices and babies.

I bought two work jacket type things today for the grand total of £17 ish – such a bargain, can’t resist at that price! What was nice was that I ran into my singing teacher and her new baby too. Have been meaning to phone her for ages.