Monthly Archives: December 2002

Happy Christmas

Hello everyone! I haven’t been around for a bit cos of the holidays and complications of that nature. I do hope people have had a good time.

Mine has been up and down, I went to the Stag with Ship people, which was a great evening and a brilliant start to Christmas. I ended up in my old choir at the Christmas Eve midnight service and again in the morning – I am sure the vicar was wondering who I am (he is relatively new!) I also caught up with an old friend and her family – the sort that when you’re growing up you each spend so much time round each others houses it’s like both parents have gained an extra daughter.

Unfortunately on Boxing day I went to my boyfriends parents and was unwell from the time I arrived and spent the vast majority of my time in bed (very embarressing – they were very kind).

Came back to boyfriends house via Bristol where we saw a friend and had a lovely time.

There we go, that’s most things.

Darn it

Being a bit blonde I have just lost the last few entries of my wiblog. So if you’re confused you should be! I can’t quite remember what I wrote but if anyone has any clues do let me know!!!


I have my last day in my current school tomorrow. This is all very weird, I don’t really feel like I am leaving cos I haven’t had time to think about it. Today I was given flowers by two girls in my form, then some candles and chocs from another girl. Then this afternoon two girls came back (one of whom had given me the flowers) to give me a massive teddy bear in an even bigger bag. They are just so lovely and I am really going to miss them.

I had a phonecall from the woman at my new school, she was asking me what I wanted to know and I honestly don’t think there is anything, I said that I have been so occupied with leaving that I haven’t really thought about it. She is going to fax me my timetable tomorrow and has told me I have a year 10 form – which should be interesting!!!

Tonight has been a mad panic of packing so I can leave to go to Berkshire straight from school tomorrow. Must remember to get up early enough to pack the car.

1 1/2 days to go

And boy do I need a holiday…

Today I have driven over a hundred miles just for work and work Christmas meal. I came home for 20 mins and slept for it!

I think I am getting there with preparing to leave, the only thing is that I have 100 mock exam papers to mark over Christmas and pass back to school… helpfully the staff suggested I could get my Christmas lunch pureed so I could eat it through a straw while still marking, I rejected that idea.

Singing teacher

Phoned me this evening, which was really nice, she is going to have a caesarian next monday – all very exciting, but really she was expecting to wait until January so she was unprepared.

Wassail, wassail, all over the town, our toast it is white and our ale it is brown some songs are just SO annoying. At least it isn’t ‘Auld lang syne’ going through my head, as it was most of the day.


What with church and then being totally unholy by going Christmas shopping (in my defence it was an extremely productive 1 hour and 10 mins). Now my main worry is my dad, what do I buy him?

I went to visit my singing teacher who is in hospital until she has her baby, unfortunately she wasn’t there (not unfortunate for her, they had let her home for the afternoon) it was a chance drop by so it is my own fault!

Since I came home I have wrapped a lot of pressies – it is very time consuming.

Get a little help

This was the title of the email I got from Tesco today. It worried me, I mean… What do they know about me? What are they trying to tell me? Are they offering me counselling?

It’s enough to make you paranoid.

Much better

I meant to say so the other day, but I forgot. The day after my major whinge I actually had a really productive day and, as a result felt a lot better. Since then I have been working manically, but apart from the actual mock exams actually feel I will get everything done.

This evening I have been out to a ship meet in London which was fun. Met a couple of new people there.

What I really need now is a lie in tomorrow (today really) so I can survive the last three days at work.

The number 2

When I got home today I realised that I live at house number 0, which is interesting as I have never seen any houses with that as a number, including my own. My neighbour came out of my house and I told her I had lost a number 2 she looked concerned until I pointed at my door. Even then she hurried off.