Monthly Archives: November 2002


I went to the docs for a regular check up type thing, while coughing my way through the door he made the assumption that was why I was there. I explained it wasn’t but still came away with a Chest Infection. That’s not fair is it!

Exciting stuff

A friend who now lives in the States called me earlier, it was really great talking to her. She had news, she is pregnant, which makes three of my friends all due May/June time. Very exciting. It makes her seem so grown up, but she assures me she isn’t! At one point in the conversation I commented that I was in the bath only to get the reply that she doesn’t think she has ever spoken to me on the phone when I’m not in the bath. (At least it was only on the phone).

She also told me she has seen this wiblog as her sister checks it occasionally – Hi D’!!

Bunged up

My sore throat has gone to be replaced by a cold and the cough.

I went to work feeling pretty ****** and was told off as I walked through the door for not phoning to say I would be in today. Given I always phone to say if I won’t be in it didn’t occur to me. Didn’t start my day well.

Never mind. I was going to go to Tesco tonight, but as it is now 8pm I don’t think I will bother. The idea of breaking in just doesn’t appeal somehow.


If something is balanced on a tray over the edge of a work surface and you remove the other item from the tray weighing the whole thing down, then the former will plumet to the ground. If that item happens to be a plate it will smash. Oh and another law of gravity – it is always a favorite item.

Entirely random thought. I didn’t remove a bowl leaving a plate on a tray to smash.

Oh dear

Off work again. I feel like I am being a complete wimp, but I did go in yesterday and talk very quietly at the start of each lesson to explain what I wanted (basically them to work in silence). I think they could see I wasn’t going to be pushed and were very kind to me.

However, having done little more than doze during the night and wake up coughing, I have decided my voice needs a complete rest and have yet to say anything out loud at all.

Very familiar

Dash back for church this morning, I dunno, such dedication!!! Actually I am going to be away for the next two Sundays. We had a bring and share lunch for two people who are leaving and have done so much in the church. They insist they got more out of it than they put in, but we are certainly going to miss their action as well as them as people.

I have crawled into bed for a bit having sorted out the service for this evening. My throat is sore and I am feeling a bit pathetic.

Target Setting

I have set 72 targets today. I don’t have plans to achieve them all myself however. I seem to be quite popular with parents who appreciate the realistic nature of the targets I set (I thought that was the point). A lot of them also were really nice about the fact I am leaving, told me I would be missed and wished me all the best in my new job.

I escaped 1 hour early (I started 30mins before official starting time so it isn’t that bad). It did mean I could start sitting on the M25 earlier than I normally do – which is nice.


Are you out there? It’s rather late to be wibbling but I don’t let that stop me. Actually it isn’t as late if I look at the clock on the computer, I gain 11 mins that way.

I phoned a friend up tonight to say I was going to the singing but I would be late. His reply was that he wasn’t going and would be on time. I was quite surprised by this as the practice was at his house. It seems like a good thing I phoned him before he abandoned us all to the doorstep for 2 hours.