Monthly Archives: October 2002


I went tonight with a couple of friends to celebrate my birthday. I had the ribs because I am predictable and they are lovely. I am often thankful that they aren’t veggie – they might be put off by me eating meat off of bones if they were. It was good to catch up with them anyway.

I played badminton earlier and I can safely say that in 3 games my playing was totally awful. But in the final game I played I actually wasn’t bad. I was relieved because I had begun to worry that I had lost it completely over half term.


This morning I saw a notice on the board saying a pupils dad died yesterday. I was due to teach him this morning, the lesson was on Christian responses to suffering. He was, surprisingly in my lesson, poor kid. Anyway I kept it as general as I could but I can’t imagine what it must be like. I don’t think it has hit him yet.

Sorry that is rather random, but it is hard to get my head round.


My singing lesson went really well, which is great. It’s very satisfying to go away having got a few things right. We are still doing a bit of a Sound of Music fest at the moment, so it was ‘The hills are alive’ – can just see myself as Maria. Apparently they are auditioning for the West End show currently. I wonder if I have time to become a West End star…

I went

To the new school today, it was all a bit confusing but it was certainly good to see. The staff all seem friendly and welcoming, got a lot to take in though.

Off to a singing lesson in a bit.

It’s all very exciting

Just been filling in lots of forms to take with me to my school tomorrow – quite amazing the sorts of things they want to know…

I should get a bit of a lie-in in the morning – which is nice.

I get rather frustrated about a chap at music group who never asks me anything directly but always asks someone else about me. Tonight it was ‘is she still coming?’ given I was there last night and tonight I think the answer would be yes. I know I shouldn’t get annoyed about it – there are reasons, but still.

Full* report on new school tomorrow

*or very short depending on my mood.


Soon after I posted my last message I started a migraine, I took pills straight away and went to bed for a few hours. It seems to have worked as I am feeling practically right again. Of course this could always change when I go to music group tonight! May only stay for an hour.

This is just SO brilliant

I have the day off!!! The school has a power cut, so having driven in wondering why some kids were heading the wrong way, and why it was so empty as I drove along I saw a big sign saying ‘SCHOOL CLOSED’!

I parked up and ran in excitedly where we discussed how long it was likely to be out for. Some hopefuls are saying 2-3 days – if only! Though I will only benefit from the third day as tomorrow I am out at my new school anyway. I stayed long enough to set my work and then came home and went for coffee with a friend.

I am debating what I am going to do with the rest of the day. I have been to Tesco, this was very exciting as they have lots of new shallow trolleys that actually run in the dircetion you push them – my dreams have come true – two wonderful things all in one day! I am trying to work out whether shopping at 11.30am is a good thing – pluses are it is quieter, minuses are the parents who insist on blocking the aisles with the massive trolleys while having a good old gossip with their friends.

I have decided I will actually cook later rather than just put something in the oven.

What a bonus!

I will endeavour to protect the not so innocent

I was chatting to a good friend a while ago, we were proceeding from random topic to random topic. He suddenly said “Spiders, there was a huge one in church the other day 2 or 3 inches big. There was only an old lady and I in church at the time.”

I laughed saying something like, don’t tell me you made her get it for you!!!

He said “well I got her a dust pan and stood at the other end of the building, but then she didn’t get it saying it ran down a crack. She even tried reassuring him saying it wouldn’t be around.”

Bless this 30+ year old bloke! I haven’t told it well but it certainly made me laugh.

Feeling the effects of the hour

My clock is telling me it is only 9.50pm but I am shattered, though I must say feeling very relaxed after a wonderful week. Not that I really want to make you all jealous, but I have had a lovely half term and even though I have to go back to work tomorrow am still smiling. (Quite amazing really)

Can’t remember what I have already told you about what I did so I won’t say anything now for fear of repeating myself.

I hope no-one has suffered too much around the South of England and Wales because of the strong winds. I am pleased to say that when I got home earlier (in the dark cos it is now Winter) there was little damage except for a pot rolling around on the patio and the lid off of the bin. A friend came back from church this morning to find 3 of his fence panels down. Actually as my boyfriend and I were driving to church this morning he insisted he saw corrugated plastic blow across the road. I confess I didn’t believe him, he even went to some lengths to get a woman to sit in front of him at church and turn to her neighbour and say she too saw corrugated plastic blowing around. The lengths some people will go to…


Should I go and collect my cat from my parents tomorrow, or should I trust that my brother will look after her ok while they are on holiday. I have one brother who would definitely look after her well, and the other one probably will but is a bit more erratic. The first one doesn’t live at my parents so there lies the problem.

I am pleased to see it is still my birthday – great to have one that lasts a long time. I am hoping there will be cards for me at home when I go tomorrow. Not that I haven’t had some you understand but think I might get more.