Monthly Archives: September 2002

I feel like a secretary

in that my typing is so much faster on the normal keyboard than on the laptop. I feel quite professional. Of course it does freak kids out as I type and look around the classroom to see what they are doing (even possible on the laptop).

I spent so long in the bath tonight I would be ashamed to tell you. However I can reveal that after 90 mins of reading in the bath I felt a lot better.

Another virus

This time on my laptop. Do you think it gave it to me, or I gave it to it? I imagine it would be too much of a coincidence for both it and me to get a virus so close together…

It is being kept in the sickbay at work while men do things to it. Poor thing.

I would like to dispel a rumour or two

Someone feeling very guilty said ‘Very belated birthday greetings – sadly I have been off line. Hope you had a great time.

I think this person was having to do a lot of reading in a hurry and misread me. I am infact still young, and won’t be old for nearly a month. So thankyou, but you haven’t missed my birthday!!

Oh, and I don’t normally unpack quickly – a momentary lapse is all.


Ended up crawling into bed for an hour to sleep. A friend phoned me and I couldn’t wake my brain up to talk to her. Thankfully she is understanding about such things.

Still in bed – how lazy!!!

I survived…

the ball that is. I didn’t actually dance because that really isn’t my thing, but it was a fun evening and conversation and food were good. Got back really quite late. This morning at church they had wine after the service this is at 11am which is quite early for wine really.

Need to go home now, I hate the end of weekends.

Must get ready

Going to a ‘Harvest Ball’ tonight. Where I live they are having a quiz night at the same time! They also have soirees to look at art and drink wine, we have coffee mornings with a jumble sale. Just goes to show the difference really doesn’t it?

Now I have to spend ages mucking around trying to look good.

Mind you my biggest worry is the ‘Ball’ aspect of the evening. I don’t really do dancing – I was scared by an event I few years ago. More of that another time, if you’re lucky.


The alarm went off at 9.27am, I switched it off but nine minutes later it beeped at me. I had turned it the wrong way… dumb blonde.

Anyway I next woke up properly at 11.56am. Been awake ever since. Aren’t I doing well!

I like insect days!

You can arrive later than normal, then do little apart from gather up a cup of coffee. Finally you have to sit in a room with someone and set targets for them, then sit in a different room and have targets set for you in a very patronising manner.

I don’t think I set the targets with the other person in a patronising manner, I do hope I didn’t.

I managed to leave school today 3 mins before the allocated leaving time. Don’t tell anyone will you?


In Service Training

Tomorrow we are target setting, this means I sit down with my head of faculty and look at what I said I needed to do in the last year, I then set targets for the next year. It will be a joy.

I will also have to do this with a woman who has been thrown to the RE department. I am sure I will be lovely!!