Monthly Archives: August 2002

I am so lazy

Need to get myself together really…

Went into London last night and met loads of Ship-of-fools people. It was huge. I have been to meets with 20+ before, but over 30? Wow.

I start school officially on Wednesday, but given I haven’t been in the whole summer I also need to go on Monday and Tuesday, so I stand a chance of organising myself. I guess my holiday ends here. And yes, I know I shouldn’t complain but there we go.

I think I must still be recovering…

I feel completely wiped out – I know what a wimp – pull yourself together!!! I have been sleeping for enough hours but still walk around in a daze. I even went to sleep for an hour this afternoon. I don’t even want to think about what I will feel like this time next week.

I don’t want to go back to school – please don’t make me


Right, I keep saying I will say more about it, and while I am sure that there aren’t that many people who have been screaming with frustration at my lack of information there could be some. So for you…


Arrived, drove around the campsite for ages trying to find a place to camp. Eventually ended up on the edge of the youth section (which was fine btw). We were opposite the toilets though, which in some ways is handy and in some ways is noisy because – as I am sure you would understand they need dealing with regularly. Met up with lots of people, which is nice.


It started well, I’m sure, can’t remember the details right now… heard a few talks, met up with a few people. The main event of the evening was turning up at the Ned Flanders night 2 hours early to deal with publicity (well you know how it is), we were also told to disappear for half an hour to have a beer, which we did. But, fame being what it is, we were called back early for more photography. Interestingly enough that was what ended up in the National newspaper. I’m afraid I can’t divulge which it was but needless to say I am pleased that, having sent my parents out to buy this paper, I was very glad that they didn’t recognise me for a while!!!


I had a shower and despite all the adverse publicity against them, the showers were really quite booked up. I ended up doing a ship-of-fools meet the hosts thing in the evening, and miraculously we had an audience!


Met Chris TD and what an honour it was indeed. We all had a good day, wandered around, and of course the highlight was the wiblog launch party, good fun was had by all, as well as a fair amount of wine. The evening was another Ned night.


Packed up and went home. Sadly.

I said I’d say more about Greenbelt…

And I will…


I went shopping today and got some photos developed. I was going for the hour thing cos I am impatient. However, having wandered around and still having 20 mins to wait I thought I would try some clothes on in Next.

Those photos cost me rather a lot of money. As in about £40 per pack.

Ah well, a nice pair of linen trousers and a skirt to show for it!


I am one of the great washed at Greenbelt! I have had a shower and can safely say “IT WAS HOT!!!” Well it seems safe to me, but if an accident should befall me soon I may discover I was wrong.

As the great Farmer himself has tested the iMac (he may test things but he doesn’t half reveal his ignorance of new technology) I figured I may as well post too.

Greenbelt is something I haven’t been to for years and years, and happily it is in the town where I spent my student years. Such fond memories, except of course in reality the racecourse is where I spent many distressing hours doing my exams. Strange to be going to seminars in rooms I once sat for 3 stressful hours trying to remember all I knew (certainly don’t still know) about things Geographical… see can’t even remember module titles.

Well it appears that I am wittering about things not Greenbelt so I will stop now and maybe post some more when I am home and dry.

Yesterday was CRAZY!!!

And who knows what today will be like…

I think we finally stopped yesterday at 10pm when we sat down and ate. Right now I should be packing for Greenbelt…

Don’t tell anyone I am here instead.

Now, the key question is – what is the weather going to be like? I figure I need to pack for all occasions.

I really do need to go and do something useful.

Busy Day

I decided I had better pop back to Essex to make sure my house was still standing, open post – that sort of thing. So this morning I did.

Came home, opened the door, no post on the floor… ah ha, all on the side. Wandered out the back to look at the grass that I figured was knee height by now. Nope – just evidence of it having been mown. Bench with the broken slat – FIXED! Marvellous, can’t ask for more than that – I have Good friends!

Put a load of washing in the machine, left the house to drink coffee with another friend. Came home, hung washing up, went out with same friend to Bluewater. Wandered around for the afternoon, bought a few things, came home. Went to deliver birthday pressie to friend who had mown lawn, fixed bench. (I gave him the Rev Gerald Ambulance book – excellent thing that it is).

Came home, ate, briefly, quick bath, washing up, another load of washing, out again to drink wine with friends (one of whom accompanied me to Bluewater, the other a friend from church. Both friends from church really.)

Came home…

By the way, all the post I got… only one thing was good, nice, mail – the Wanderlust magazine. And no it isn’t dodgy thankyou!

I went to church today…

And was greeted by a very funny man saying things designed to make me laugh. It made me laugh all the more because of the accent he spoke in. It was only near the end of the conversation that I realised that is how he always speaks…

I finished a good old thriller/crime type book today. Ideal for mindless reading (something I love, especially in the summer holidays).

No… don’t panic brain definitely not active

So actually what is there to say?

A lovely woman called Hilda did a tour of the Island – she really was interesting. Saw some gorgeous caves and got carried away with the photograph facility on my camera – potentially they can bore my friends silly. Of course at least I wasn’t videoing artefacts in a museum. SO glad I am not friends with those people. Just imagine…

These three minutes are a look at a couple of helmets as worn by Roman Soldiers.

This is a statue… no it doesn’t move much… yes the vid of it does last four minutes…

Look this is a statue… no it doesn’t really move… give it a few more minutes…

I am just SO happy I don’t know these people.